miércoles, 22 de julio de 2009

are you ready to drive?

Apple surprises us again with a new application for Iphones called "walk the line". It was launched at the North Se festival in the Netherlands... Such a good way to prove your friends that they shouldn't take the car tonight!!!
Apple will be promoting this new application in some of the most famous music festivals this summer.
Thank you Apple, sometimes friendship is not enough to convince your buddies not to drive!!!

miércoles, 15 de julio de 2009

El Sol, Ibero- American Advertisement Festival…

El Sol is the Latin American advertisement festival, which is held annually in San Sebastian, Spain.

The meeting point of all Spanish advertisement lovers… During this week you can breath creativity in every single corner of this amazing city situated at the north of Spain.

This year Spain has beaten records, winning 5 big creativity awards, 25 golden medals, 29 silver, and 35 bronzes.

As this year I couldn’t be there physically, but yes mentally J … I would like to show you two spots awarded… so you can check with your own eyes how amazing is Spanish creativity… J

Hope you like it





martes, 14 de julio de 2009

The power of Emotional Intelligence!!!

Do you remember what were you doing the day that the twin towers got knocked? And your first kiss? What about your fist day of high school? And, now… Do you remember what did u do the 10th of September of 2001? and , what had you for breakfast your first date's day? …

It’s amazing how we can remember things that have happened a long time ago and forget those that happened just 2 weeks ago… But it’s all about emotions, feelings, sensations. Those magic factors that make us remember certain things forever.

So if we are talking about advertisement, brands also want to remain on your brain forever… ( at least some of them try really hard). Personally, I like this kind of publicity but with some limits. There are some brands that just take advantage of this fact and try to make us think that they are something that in fact they are not, … When some of them try too hard to show how much they help charity organizations when in fact they are just trying tovincrease profits it’s just vulgar. Of course there is always an economic interest but if you do it with taste and common sense would work much better and you will get your costumer’s trust and admiration.

Anyway, there is one spot that I love… I hope you like it as much as I do…


lunes, 13 de julio de 2009

To love or not to love, tha's the question!!!...

Marketing, advertisement, publicity, public relations, social media, … I JUST LOVE IT!!
Since I was a child, i knew that I was going to work on it… I had my mum’s influence that was public relations in a Spanish television so I had a close idea about what it was. when I finish high school I had very clear goals. I didn’t think twice about what to study in college: Publicity and Public Relations.
Right now, after just 3 years of working experience I love my field even more than before.
I understand that so many people are against advertisement, they defend their ideas saying that we try to create needs that don’t exist, I agree and respect their way of thinking. But just let me ask them one simple question… What would be this world without advertisement?...
Just look how our cities would look like without it!...
Excelent exercise of Rainer Demf.

Yes … it would be much nicer, less noisy, less commercial and materialist, more pure and simple, but it would be extremely expensive!!! Nothing that is around us would exist…
Please let me show you a video where you can realize about the importance of publicity!!!